Thought I would make my first post about this stunning SL sim. Primarily a RP sim , set in the period times themed around Vampires and Vampire Hunters. Sadly this sim will be closing in June 2015. If you have the time I highly reccommend you visit this really stunning sim before it closes its doors.

Read more on Venexia here

Taxi to Venexia

ven2 ven1


2 responses to “Venexia

  1. I use to hop from roof to roof spying on the role play going around – reading some really great rp by veterans. If I found an opening I would join in, but otherwise I was quiet. I rp most with Lady Diva and her vampires at the theatre – was the safest for me as she gave me her protection from Lycan and darkly vampires :). Awesome pictures and awesome blog:)


    • I am like you Miya , i usually stand around waiting for an opening in rp, i do admire some of the rp some in sl come out with. Having played in many rp places venexia was without doubt the most realistic and stunning enviroment to play in 🙂

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