Baja Norte

This is one of the most realistic beach sims i have visited in Second Life.  Wander in the sand dunes , just look out to sea , lounge on a deck chair or just pig out on the ice- cream.  This is another sim well worth a visit for the great look and style of it and for making it easy to get great pics.

This sim offers beautiful windswept views and lots of pathways , nooks and crannies to explore.

View from the top of the lighthouse is a must.

I'm not Greedy , Honest!

Windy Day

The realistic beach theme carries on with its sister sim Baja Cove , which is just as spectactur as Baja Norte.

Wearing Vintage undies by Atomic , brought from N21 but i am sure in thier main store now.

Hair … Boon

Tattoo – Circles by Build tattoo

sea1                                            sea2



Taxi to Baja Norte:


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