Well the name of this sim was temptation enough for me to begin with, and i was not let down when i visited.

You arrive in the rain to wander threw the stone archway into the sim.  Beautifully created you have fields of grapes, stone cottages , winery (grins here as i eye the selection of wine on offer). A table set out in the middle of the vineyard set with cheese and wine , great place to sit and watch others wander around , or just sit and chat with your friends.

Looking around some more at the end of the vineyard is a type of bandstand , with piano and chairs , wandering some more you stumble across hidden pathways to you end up on a beach , again i spied another table set out with wine here.

Beach scene is lovely , with old boats , log fire, washed up bottles and a lighthouse , all great backdrops to get a lovely picture.

More snooping around I found a harbour with boats and a small shack with table and decor for another great photo shoot.

Yet another stuning sim i would highly reccommend to visit.








vine7Taxi to Vinyard –


2 responses to “Vineyard

  1. You got me sold. You should be a travel agency or something, because every single post of yours has me ready for a vacation!!


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