Intro sim

Just wow – A sim immersed in an abundance of yellow fields , weaved with wooden planked pathways.  Wvery few steps in this sim I came across something different , from deer grazing in the yellow meadows , to a railway line across water , with a train to boot.

Picnic tables set out with the most amazing strawberry cheesecakes you could dream of , balloons of all colours , phone booth with a moon by its side. The list is endless well worth a visit to see what other amazing things you can find on this sim.

Wearing an outfit from my designer of the month , this was the perfect sim to show it off in 🙂




Just Yummy

Oh Deer

I realy dont want to get my boots wet

watching the grass grow

I liked da Balloons

ok ok so i got my boots wet

What more could a girl want

Taxi to Intro :


Jacket and Dress – E-Clipse Zara Jans M Camoscio –

Boots – Trenton – Just Design –

Hair – .~Tableau Vivant~ Pretty reckless II –

Tattoo – Rebel Angel as in a previous post

jacket dress


2 responses to “Intro sim

  1. Makes mental note to visit sim and has your shopping list on hand:). Awesome travelogue and delighted I discovered your little gem:)


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