Kingdom of Sand

Kingdom of Sand – known more as KOS

KOS is a Fantasy RP capture sim.  Spread over 2 sims the main one being the kingdom which is a magnifcent build of a city set within walls.  When arriving follow the telport signs and then you have an option to wear a visitor tag, next to the tp (a Camel is the tp) wear this to enter , also gives you a chance to look around in peace.

I have rplayed in this sim and depending on what clan you join you can tp to different areas , i have not tried with my visitor tag on to see if i can tp to all areas , as for this write up the nooks and crannies within the city walls , and the outskirts and sister sim of dessert were enough for me to enjoy the beauty of this build and sim.

If you are into this style of RP its a great sim to immerse yourself in , every player there wears the customs and RP’s within the role they have choosen weather it be Knight, Djinn, Magi, Pirate or many of the other roles on offer – some really stunning outfits and looking avis on this sim.

There are shops and inns all decked out in the style of the rp . worth a peek and nose around.

From the palace , to the roman spas , the inns , shops let alone the dessert with its camels , nomad tents there is ample to see and grab good shots , hoping my pictures show you some of what you might see.

Please note this is an adult themed sim .

City kos sister sim

Butchers at KOS

Butchers at KOS

Cave kos

Feast at kos

Corridor kos

Ship at kos

Traders Alley kos

Arena kos

kos by night

Taxi to Kingdom of Sand :

Chill out area kos

Royal corridor kos



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