Gravitys Rainbow

This sim is another place where i shop often , but worth a mention as not only can you snap up a stunning look but outside the shop its another adventure.

From landing you are greeted with a straw broom magically sweeping the dust from the path infront of you , bit like the broom from fantasia 🙂 .  The sim has a selection of delightful trees with glittening lights, long grass field section , complete with abandoned car and other intresting finds.



Going away from the fields you have a beach scene , well what can i say from washed up fishing nets , broken telegraph poles , a piano on the beach and an elephant taking a dip!!!!!

Worth a visit again another peacful sim with shopping to boost!!

That Old Bike


Music on da Beach

Now i have seen it all

Hmm ok i sunk da Boat

Taxi to Gravitys Rainbow ;


Dress from sim shop AMITOMO.Long T-shirt #5+Waist Shirt

Boots – GTFO – from gos

Hair – Magika hush as before

Teardrop – diamaond – punch –

Wanted for sinking da boat :)

Wanted for sinking da boat 🙂


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