Happy Mood

Happy Mood sim is the sim of HPMD mainstore , the store which is set in an ovesized tree house , something you would expect to find out of peter pan.  The store itself is stunning and most the items from the trees , benches and animals you see on the sim you can purchase in the store along with some fun clothing. They also have items dotted around the forest to purchase.

The rest of the sim is set in an overgrown forset theme , with sun rays shinning threw the trees , giant leafs floating on the river as boats.  Tree stump tables and chairs with mini paint brushes on.  The detail of the leaves, trees , pathways its second to none – totally breathtaking.

Wandering along the dirt tracks the forest gets denser and denser , you think you should turn around but dont keep going and you stumble upon more and more.  From exotic flower , stunning trees , animals hidden – this sim really is full of delights….

Ramdonly placed chairs , the lapping of the water in the stream to giant rabbits (which you can sit on) – you actually feel like you are in wonderland, half expecting to see alice appear…..well in my case maybe a prince charming , second thoughts i will stick to my wine 🙂

Just outstanding.



Babbling Stream




Happy Rabbits




Leaf Boat

Paint Bench


Taxi to Happy Mood: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/HappyMood/82/76/20


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