I love this sim , have visited a few times now , although a simple sim in layout each visit i manage to discover something new.

A comment on one of my pictures was of someone saying it reminded them of Scotland and I could not agree more, the scene of this sim does look like something from the highlands, with its rollign hills , sheep grazing and a log cabin by the lake in the centre.

Although after my  many visits I am yet to find a bar , well i do like my wine, i did stumble across a cafe with mugs of steaming coffee on offer.  Also there is a bakery and even a run down looking hot dog stand , i decided best not to have one of the hotdogs.

Another sim with realistic scenery , old railway station and line , stunning coast line.  Worth a visit just to see the quality of the build on this sim.

Costal View at Roche




Coffee and Cake at Roche

Coffee at Roche

Lakeside Roche





Taxi to Roche:


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