Vita Nova

Vita Nova is a delightful Tuscany style sim.  You land on the dock and straight away you are blown away by the vine covered archways, guarded by tuscany vases leading into the courtyard.  Full of stools and many intresting items inside each build around this realistic looking courtyard.  You almost feel that you are in Tuscany.

Within the courtyard you have hanging baskets lining the walls with amazing colours, and to my delight as i wander threw the courtyard i was greeted by a vineyard of grapes – hmm well that left me no choice but to wander more in the search for wine.

Vita Entrance

Vita Archways

Vineyards at Vita

Just grins at my luck as wandering threw the vineyards i peek a small stone building , with a welcoming bottle of wine and some cheese .

Cheese and wine at vita

Tuscany Cafe at Vita

Van at Vita

The grounds are full of flowerbeds complete with swarms of butterflies , at the top of the hill stands an impressive villa , within its own couryard is a pool , with sunloungers , what better way to spend time after exploring.

Cockails by the pool at vita

And if the pool is not your thing then just head to the small beach in vita

Footsie in da Sand

Playing in da sea

Taxi to Vita:


Romper – Rebel Hope – Fameshed –

Hair – Group Gift Moon –

Tattoo – Roses and poem by Dunja Hian


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