Dead End – RP Sim

Dead End is a dark themed RP sim.  Dare to walk the streets alone amid seedy motels and strip joints in the soho area.  Go for a drink in one of the bars or have a coffee in the cafe or pizza place.

This sim is set out well for RP , textures are dark , there are 2 sims and ample of RP avenues to venture down depending on your style of RP.

If you want to just go visit and look around , maybe listen to some of the RP going on or just grab a few snaps , as with most places wear the ooc visitor tag , although not essential in this sim.

From the good guys , the police , well thats if they are not corrupt , odds are they are , to the stalkers and bikers – its worth a visit just to nose around and maybe if you are new to rp just listen to some and see what its all about.



You arrive in like a telmal arrival place with info on the sim , follow the arrows until you see the red one hit this for a tp down , remember this is a RP sim and players will be ic chatting in local , also remember this is an adult themed sim.  But worth a check out if not to get some shots in the dark themed build.

Dead End Police

Rough House Biker Bar

Dead End Diner

Typical Street Dead End

Abandoned Car Dead End

Then you have LuLus bar , were more often than not is some kind or rp going on.


Taxi to Dead End:


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