Jasmines Hollow ft The Dirty Grind

Firstly I will start with sharing a snippet from the greeting nc on this sim , as it probably explains more of what the sim is about than  i could.

Hello and welcome to Jasmine’s Hollow and The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community!

We are so happy you have decided to visit our sim.

We are a non-profit sim that is here to promote indie music. One way we stay on the grid is through great bloggers, like you!

Ok that bit done ….but after nosing around this sim that I stumbled across , well all i can say is WOW , apart from as the nc explains this sim is a mix and match of so many different themes.  But all in all it is a delight to find a place that is not only welcoming , but offers so many themes and backdrops for doing photo’s.

You have ladders with balloons , a giant bird cage style house complete with angelic swings inside and a cat guarding the front door.  Houses in various styles all decorated inside with different style furniture and outside with arrangements of flowers.

A steampunk style glasshouse , a train with tank runners (ok i cant think of correct word for it) just in the middle of the street , i must admit i love steampunk theme and there is a steampunk feel to a vast area of this sim.

Every few steps i stumbled across more and more from a windmill , a church , hammocks with rose coverd archways as a backdrop ….

Just a wonderful place to grab some pics …. i will be visiting again when i get a new outfit and using one of the many themes as my backdrop.

Deffo worth a nose around ….:)

Steaming Ahead


Cute Tree House


Gypsy Tent

Wall of Mirrors


Just Crazy



Taxi to Jasmine Hollow:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fender/158/155/24


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