It all starts with a smile 🙂

You arrive on the jetty and are greated with a stunning harbour scene, the harbour is lined with shops and more, walking threw the harbour i pause to grab some of the delifghtul fruit on offer at one of the stalls.

Following the path i stop and ponder at the sign of which way to go , more confused then before i just head off in the direction that looks more fun.

Past the harbour you are greated with hilly pathways , with numerous photo oppotunties on route , from deck chairs on a beach to piegons waiting to be fed by a bench.

Pathways shaded by the beautiful trees , forest animals hidden around. There are loads of places to sit and pose and most items have high quality poses in them with a lot of different poses to choose from.

Bridges spanning over rivers , yellow fields , crooked houses I even found a tyre swing and just had to have a go 🙂 just when i thought i had explored most , i stumbled across – alright i fell and when i looked up i saw a hot air balloon …well that was just a must.

Beautiful sim with so much to see , so many poses , well worth a visit.




Need i say more

Shack on the hill




Bread Anyone

Just Cute

My kinda View


Dress – =Zenith=MiMi short skirt –

Hair – Moon – Group Gift – isolation –

Tattoo – Bolson – Mr Kenway as in previous post

Shoes – -Entente- Cousteau Shoes – -Entente- Cousteau Shoes

Head Flowers – . Liquence . – Flower Crown –


Taxi to Tramoto :




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