City Inside Out

Without a Home, there are only Exteriors.

This is a full sim exhibit by Haveit Neox from March to June 30th.  Based on the theme Homeless.  Built over three levels underground, ground and sky.

The artist of this build has invited Second Life Residents to contribute personnal short stories about homeless and some of these are displayed on small plaque panels hanging around the sim.  The artist , after recieving a collection of descriptions has used  his interpretion of them to create a scenes , these can been seen on the undergroud level.  Which are now arranged in six chapters , on small panels hanging throughout the tunnels.

Mind and thought provoking worth a look around.


Forgotten parts


Down and out


Underground Tunnel

Home 4


Definately worth seeing this artistic impressions on this topic , be sure to visit by june 30th

Taxi to City Inside Out:


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