Isle of Love

Just another Tequila Sunrise.

Come and visit this picturesque sim full of fall colors and secret hideaways. Perfect spot for lots of photo ops. There are beaches, ponds, lighthouse, sailboats, meadows.  

As soon as you land you can hear the crickets chirping. As the sim description states this sim is awash with Autumn colours.  Meadows full of flowers , rustic coloured trees, lakes to sit by and just take in the fantastic scenery. The sim lets you rezz small items to grab that special photo if you join there group and they also have a flickr group to add you snaps to.

The sim has lots of places to pose as well as great scenery such as barns, cars and beds among the grasses, lakes.  Also you have sand areas where you can grab a beach themed shot , complete with beach fire , deck chairs and beach huts.  Looking across from a jetty there is a light house.

The most amazing thing I always find about this sim is the beautiful colours , well worth a visit.


Sailing at Tequlia

Letter from the heart

Among the Sunflowers







Top – Tee*fy Joan Boyfriend’s Tank Top

~Shorts – -tb- Denim Cutoff shorts –

Guitar – Tentacio – my dream guitar

tattoo Bolson as in previous post

Taxi to Isle of Love:

hair moon as in previous post


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