**Forest Feast **Flower Field**

Please find you in the flower field. Please find me who concealed it in the flower. 

As soon as you arrive you are standing in a vast field of flowers , every colour you can imagine.  Birdcages and butterfliers the sound of wind chimes.  Walking threw a smal cave where mushrooms grow in the dark corners you wander into a field full of blue flowers, with a hidden unicorn laying down.

Up some steps you will find a treehouse hidden amid the leaves , looking out to sea a kind of bandstand you reach via glass steps covered with flowers.

Although the sim is home to a shop which sells the items , the scenery is stunning and its great if you are after a place to take pics with flowers in the background.

I even amazed myself as i spied the vines full of juicy grapes then turning the corner found a old style barrel full of wine … well thats just what i needed on a sunday lazy afternoon .

From archways covered with roses , outside table and chairs surrounded by water fountains, a home decorated with unique furniture and rugs, a outside dance area covered in droplets of light, this really is a pretty and colourful place.


Amid the flowers


Rose Arch






Rose Tea






Smiles at my find


Waking up


up the glass steps


Hidden Mushrooms









Dress – Black Tunic – United Colours

Hair – Eye of the needle – moon

Boots as in previous post

Tattoo – Dont label me – Little Pricks


Taxi to Forest Feast :  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/feast/246/183/29


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