Flux Sur Mer

Flux Sur Mer is a detailed and artistically developed French country estate/ full sim, stunningly brought to life by creator and designer Nic Bour (nicbor resident), along with custom mesh designer Imoken Neox.

This is a recently opened sim , from the moment of arrival it had grabbed me as i noticed the table and chairs complete with a bottle of red wine.  Looking out to sea I could see a magnificent looking yacht, making a note to check that out later.  You enter this sim in like a run down courtyard , old cobble stones and a broken fountain.

Stone pathways that span the waterways . wandering up the stone steps i came across a diving board by the cliff , hmm cliff diving makes a mental note to revisit with a bikini on!!


Pathway up


Anyone for wine

Entrance Flux Sur Mer

Wandering around this sim its beauty and tranquility just captivated me.  From farm lands with goats in the fields , haystacks to horses grazing , rustic farmhouses and out buildings.

The sim has great attention to detail and is full of so much I was spoilt for choice to do snaps.  From beach scenes to sheep across pathways , winidmill to impressive builds all decorated out with stunning interiors.

This little Piggy went to...

Peacefulness in the home

Picnic Time

Yachts at Flux Sur Mer

Field of Horses

Taxi to Flux Sur Mer:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Flux%20Sur%20Mer/111/90/22


2 responses to “Flux Sur Mer

  1. Beautiful sim, and I had the pleasure of running into two of my fave Flickr photographers their last night. I love the sim decorative details!! love hidden gems like the little bath shed with ancient toilet and bathtub hidden by the waters edge along with the dock and boat.


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