Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams

You arrive in a tel mal area where it gives you options to tp to locations within the sim.  Also you have choices of skyboxes for anyone to use.

Peaceful place , garden themed , autumul in colours with leaves floating down from the trees.  Faces carved into trees, butterflies all around , tree stumps to pose on and mushroom circles.

Dotted around the sim are large bubbles that you can hop into and choose a destination , well I might as well give it a go , first I choose the dessert, then cemetry and went to check a few more destinations each one takes you to a skybox which you can use to have some alone time or time with someone special.

quite liked the snow cabin best even has an iced over lake to skate on.

Back on the ground you have places to dance , outdoor stage with grand piano and mic stands draped with flowers.

Camp fires to sit by . large morracan style tents to hang out with friends in, looking upwards seats you can sit in swinging from most of the trees ,a spa surrounded by butterflies you can use by a lake. Dance balls to rezz and places to dance , lovley setting to hangout with mates or just that someone special , well thats if you have a someone special still something i need to find 🙂


falling leaves

The Tree



Dessert box





Taxi to Garden of Dreams:


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