(wings of angel in pure korean lanauge)
Peaceful and Calm

Going on with my beach theme well it is summer after all. This sim is like set in two halves one water one land.  The water is where i started , you have sparking seas full of loads of scenes and places to pose for your pics or just take pictures of. Although a lot of the items were close togeather nothing a bit of derender cannot fix.  Be sure to use mini map as really every part of the sea area has lots to explore right up to the sims edges.

Really is to much to list from jelly fish surrounded by bubbles , to sushi and cocktails on the beach you really need to explore around and see what you discover.

The land area did not disappoint either from trailers kitted out with lovely stuff , tulips in window boxes to treehouses scattered around, all with various scenes.  Woodland animals to hidden caves, streams and waterfalls.

Plus those pesky giant bunnies that seem to be everywhere i go lately :).

You also have an area for shopping , with a park full of different rides , sim is home to a club with a keyboard pathway.

Sim welcomes photographers and it is well worth a nose around.

Cocooned on da ocean waves

Pouts as no messages in da bottles

Ocean Sofa

Sushi Shack

Sushi Anyone

Bubble Shower

Falling Glass

Welcome I have your Groceries


High in the trees

Its them giant bunnies again

Dandelion Clock

Welcome home mr fox

God dam what dress is a girl to choose

Think I am kidding myself that this truck gonna get me home

The Club

Shopping amog da waves

Taxi to Sa-Na-Rae:


2 responses to “Sa-Na-Rae

  1. Wow sheesh and I thought the pic by a Flickr artist was all over laid textures and images – I am such a NOOB! This sim looks awesome and a great backdrop for some cool pictures – seriously thanks for being so proactive in finding awesome sims for your readers to explore. I will definitely check this one out – hugs you!


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