Dysphoria – Alice in Wonderland

The most realistic Alice in Wonderland sim in SL!

Created to be viewed at night.

There are 3 levels. Don’t forget the key on the table or you won’t get through the door. Climb the table, get the key (wear group tag).

Tim Burton Inspired.

You arrive in a field with just a tree , walk towards the tree and tumble down the rabbit hole , well it is alice in wonderland themed afterall.  Tumbling down inside the tree , passing objects just like in the film you land in a circular room with the table , key , eat me and drink me bottle and biscuit.

Click the cake at the bottom of the table.

Once on the table, click the key and join the group.

Your group tag will then be automatically activated.

You can now open the little door and crawl into Wonderland. There is a fee to join this group but well worth it if you want to venture around the sim.

Once in the wonderland part follow the fern path , decorated with beautiful flowers , look up and you will see the cheshire chat before he vanishes and just his grin is visable.  Past the giant bunnies which seem to be everywhere i visit lately.

Past Mr Rabbits house take the rope swing over the lake full of bones and gore. There is a pathway upwards made from the branches of the trees but i decided to carry on wandering threw the woods, avoiding the spiders and there webs.

Places to visit once through the little door:

Follow the fern paths to…

Enchanted woods and garden

Wonderland Warren

White Rabbit’s House (please do sit on the bedroom chair).

Dysphoria Forest (don’t fall into the the bloody swamp, use the rowboat to cross or be eaten alive, your choice!)

Red Queen’s Realm: Turn left up into the red-lit winding-thorny-path (just before you reach the giant black widow spider).

Magic Mushroom Circle: Some mushrooms have animations, click to see.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: Path on the right up into the mountain, just as you reach the mushroom circle.

There are balloons in the trees at the Hatter’s, you can use them to fly. (Click all the hats for your free gifts.)

If you cant beat them just adpot one

Spider in da woods

Inside Whit Rabbits House

Playing boats with da bunnies well they keep appearing

Taking a rest

Cheshire Cat

Now to reach da key

Falling down the rabbit hole













Madhatters Tea Party



Floating away across da sea



Madhatters Tea



I am not losing my head



Taxi to Dysphoria :  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oxygen%20Island/143/128/857


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