~Chateau Village~,

Chateau Village is a private sim which is open for 2 weeks to the public, so hurry up and come and have a look around this stunning and beautiful place.

Arriving on a beach jetty , you wander into the sim past old brickwalls , coconut tress blowing in the wind.  Passing by a family of elephants i choose to go threw the stone archway covered in flowers to be greeted with a vast pond criss crossed in pathways full of lilipads.

landing area

Chateau Coast


Lily ponds

Inside the chateau walls you have pathways lined with orange trees , peacocks and lots more stunning things to see.

Orange Trees

The chateau is done in indian theme and is stunning inside alive with vibrant colours.  Outside the chateau walls is a bazaar style market .

I did not have time to do this lovely sim justice rl called but well worth a nose around.



Taxi to chateau :  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ohana%20Marina/57/154/30


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