Marathon Caye

Marathon Caye has gone in a new direction. We’ve invited an NPC dwarven community to take root. Explore the forest above or travel down the mineshaft (by rail if you choose) and explore the subterranean levels. Don’t get lost down there!

This sim is at is says you have a forest to explore about land , and mines to explore.  Grabbing a torch i decide to nose around the mines first.  Entering them you just miss a rock fall from landing on you , following the rail track i soon get distracted by a tavern sign …well who would not!!

Mines are full of coverns to explore all with npc drawfs in them , when you think you have just finished you stumble upon yet another room.

Lost in da mines


Yeps i am hungry

Tavern in da Dwarf mine

Dwarf mine1

After a good nose , or when i eventually found my way out it was time to explore the forest.  Horses to ride , barns , windmill and rivers and flowers were the first of all i did see.





Wandering the forest area you have woodland paths , windmills , watermills , water slide and roller coaster in the trees both these were unexpected.

gaming tables in the windmill , dance floors , barn stabling horses which you can ride, hidden coves and boats to ride in and lots more to see.


hidden cove






Lazing around








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