Havendale Village

Fun & magical fantasy-themed sim with homes, games, hangouts, and shopping. Family friendly and welcomes role-players to live their magical lifestyles. 

Havendale is indeed a magical sim that welcomes people that RP and peeps to take pictures.  It is full of clolours and flowers everywhere.  The houses are quirky and magical looking (you can rent houses on this sim ).  Trails and pathways take you the whole way around the sim , while in the middle you have the village itself , full of shops for RP and things to buy.

There is a small park and lakes within the village.

Around you have more beautiful houses in the hills and along the trails , places to dance, wishing wells I even found a sleeping beauty coffin and had to jump in!!!!

Delightful magical sim.

Park at haven


Village view

Wishing well



Coffee time


Maybe I should have not eaten da Apple

tower house

Mushroom table

house on da hill

in da cave

amid da snowdrops

hill house 1

hill house 2

village life

Taxi to havendale:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena%20Pisces/129/128/23


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