*** Beautiful 4 Seasons ***

What a wonderful sim both in the way in which it is built and the items and scenery around.  You land in like a kinda village plazza , could be like any european square but well the wheelie bin to me is just so british :).

The sim is not quite finished yet but it welcomes all to look around.  It has so much to see from fields of flowers to a vineyard , tuscany style villas , beaches with volleyball nets. Gypsy camps , laundry airing in the wind , ruins a railway, row of shops the list just goes on.

So many places to nose , pose and sit around and take in , sheep grazing , dogs playing outside a cafe , caravans , horses grazing.

It is set out beautifully , the trees and landscape , beach scenes are all lovely for picture taking.

Although i love the wheelie bin, well just made me smile so much like home , the whole sim is well worth a visit , my pics dont do it justice i am sure many of you will get stunning pics , maybe the bottle of wine infront of me is not helping me with pics tonight.

Further nosing around sim goes into a kinda urban set out theme , bar in a old fire truck , funfair , motorbike hidden in the grass plus again lots more.


I can see you



Park Bench



Whats up pussycat



Hilltop Grazing



Friends hanging out










Bed for da Night



Hey its a Boat



Cock among da chicks



orange trees



Amid the trees









Blue Tit



I found da wine



Full Steam Ahead



Wait for me



Pausing for an Ice-Cream



Internet Cafe



Hippy Van



Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clandestine/86/78/23


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