Pfaffenthal 1867

Welcome to the 1867 historical role play!

Luxembourg, …….a place … time . “… We historians know very well that a city is not born overnight, nor in a year, but is the result of a long process where spontaneous initiatives and deliberate stately favors are mingled… “(Michel Pauly 2014)

This is a RP sim where you can get into the era via the RP and costume …. areas are still under build , but its still worth a visit to see the way in which they are recreating the historic time.

Rows of houses , whith quaint gardens make up the main area , with a canal running through the town.  A pathyway with high walls each side will take you out of the main town , areas of gypsy style caravans and fileds with horses in.

A viaduct runs above the town , with the railway and train.

I only came to view and grab some pics , not to do the RP but if you are into historic RP , a lovely place to have a go.


Steam Ahead


Cock a hoot

Fruit trees



Typical Street




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