Saint Pete City

It is a city of wonder, of noises and sweet delights, of treasures waiting to be found, of stories.  Welcome to St. Pete City….

First thing you notice is the hubble bubble of the noise (if you have sounds on) giving you the feeling you have arrived in the middle of a busy place.  Cobbled streets lined with beautiful builds ideal for grabbing great shots. A water fountain where pigeons have made it their home.  Without a car in sight , you have an abundance of old bikes parked outside each shop. Takes you back in time.  The sim has a very autumn feel , with the colours and pumpkins , very apt for this time of year.

From the funfair yeps where i was a kid again , to the beach , looking out towards the lighthouse this sim is full of lovely places for a pic , places to sit your avi , cats chasing pigeons the quote from the place says full of delights and treasures to be found around every corner.

well worth a visit!!!!

Beach Walk

Toffee Apples

Anyone for popcorn

lost my knitting

on da beach


Corner Build


The kid in me

Flower Market

Parked up

Taxi :


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