Warm Springs

Weclome Note:

Welcome to the Town of Warm Springs, with a population still countable in two hands! A town filled with nooks and crannies and tranquil spots for you to converse, or dance and entertain your friend with fun music. You can simply just stroll the town and take pictures while admiring the scenic view of the beach or the olden and ancient oaks and banyans. Or simply relax, and fall asleep to the sound of the sea and the cries of mockingbirds in the far wind. You may never even wish to leave this small town. Watch the seasons change and the grass slowly die as the trees slowly shift from their lively green selves to their reds and autumn hues. Or the snow slowly drizzle on the grounds as winter comes to pass.

What a delightful sim , totally lag free and for me thats a good start.  Warm Springs is full of Autumn colours , from the leaves on the trees , to the fallen apples around.

Footpaths lead you around the sim which is dotted with houses , every house is decorated to a high standard inside.

Steps down to coves and deckchairs and tents set up on the beaches.

Pumpkins scattered around for halloween plus lots more to see.  Well worth a visit if you want any autumn pics.

Postcard from the Falls


Trailer Park

Apple Pie anyone

Down to da Beach


Night at da Falls


In da Kitchen

Down by the River

Country Kitchen


Fooling Around

Watching you

Taxi :  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Warm%20Springs/196/133/32


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