Watercolors in the Rain

Step into the mind of real life author David Lavigne as he brings his real life novel to life. With the Watercolors in the Rain team, Mr. Lavigne’s literary vision has been recreated in Second Life as chapters on this highly interactive sim. Visit and experience the story, join in on a unique quest-styled hunt, or come to the many live events planned for the entire LEA season.

This is an interactive sim , upon arriving you will see 3 stone columns offering you ways to look around , choices are Teleport to locations , Guided Tour or Hunt Quest , I choose the Tp to all locations.

Being from the UK and as it was the first option on the TP i started in London Street. Set in 1887, you can visit the Bloodmoon Saloon , bob for apples or even take a balloon ride.  Horse and Carriage rides are also on offer here along with tarot readings.

Next location I went to was The Farm.  Described as the Crossroads in our life , the story goes Erica came here to face her inner demons ….. a werewolf!!

Next up the mansion – this is about a young woman with a secret whom takes in an orphaned kid until one fateful night…

The gardens are like a maze , with flowers and statues dotted around , the mansion itself is done out nice inside great if you want an old stately building interior for a backdrop.

Next I ended up in Angel’s Grove , a hidden world few get to go , described in a few ways one being the garden of eden hidden in a mountain.  Here you will find a delight of colours , a fountain you can meditate by , wild animals such as deer and butterlies among the array of flowers.

Next mountain top saloon , i did have to tp back to the start to get here as i was getting a bit lost , but nothing new there , , maybe the guided tour is easier to follow.

This is a place where it is abandoned and a meeting is agreed with a vampire here.  Set in snow and ice , crows flying all around you gives you the feeling of a very remote place indeed.

Next up the dark forest , Queen Victoria has waged a war on vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters for this scene…swirling smoke around your feet, grim statues and bodies on stakes await you here.

Last place to visit was the castle . where i got my first glimpse of snow in SL this winter as you cross the moat into the castle grounds.

I have the feeling i missed a lot around this sim , although not the best builds i have seen it is a great place that tells a story , well worth a nose around.

Brown Bear

Horse and Carriage

Cart load of pumpkins

Mr Pumpkin


Autumn Leaves

Bloodmoon Saloon




Russet Trees




Under da Moon

Archway of Flowers


Way to Saloon

Winter Saloon







Christmas Robin

Winter is on da Way

Castle Entrance

Inside castle wall

Dead Forest

Taxi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA29/202/57/25


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