Prichard Project

What strange happenings are going on in the town of Carlton? What have the military and Prichards been up to? Can you find out?

zombies, hunt, fun,events, live singers,murder, mystery, October, Halloween, sleuth

Firstly let me start by saying they are running a photo competition here , details on sim but get your snaps in by the 18th Oct all entrants will recieve a gift but there is a Linden prize for the overall winner.

Right now there is a hunt on as well as the photo competition .  This sim is a delight of hidden treats around every corner , think I will return and nose around some more.  From streams to zombies this sim certainely has a mixture of things to discover.

Mr and Mrs

Pit Stop


Sun Setting

There Comming

Moving Cretes



In da Crypt

Grim Reaper is comming

Bit late for you Mr

Lonesome Tree

Zombie Child

Zombie Mannor

Mr Dapper!1

Strolling Along

Quaint Bridge

Along da River

Sun setting over da Docks

Rail Carriage

Medicine Stop

Armoured Car



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