Hestium I – Hestium II

Where Stories Begin …………………..

It’s stories are all around you. Look and they are there – behind the doors, through the windows, around every corner. Clues in pictures and drawers, under beds and on tables. Find the stories…and keep them, for they are Hestium’s gift to you.

Taxi …  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mystic/252/239/21

From gondola boats to a village hidden in the moutains surrounded by water , to quaint cottages nestled on pathways leading from the beach .

lovely photo chances on this sim.

The Story continues ……….

Hear the echoing cry of seabirds as they swoop and dive with the warm sun on your back as you relax over a cup of tea in the cafe. You are in Hestium II. Soon you will walk its paths, find its secrets. A daydream made true, come alive before your eyes.

Ice cream on da beach

dobby does tea


oil painting

sssshhh ..you cannot see us

no i am telling you it's not a worm its a frog

whose watching who

snuggling up

making honey

down at da market

one to many

guard dogs

village from da sea

postcard from Hestium

looking at you kid

meeting at da waterhole


jack and jill


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