Vipers Haunted Halloween


I was lucky enough to met the sim owner when I was wandering around , and he gave me a guided tour.

As far as Halloween sims go I was impressed with the content and detail found on this sim , from being given a flashlight to look around , to the haunted house with each room filled with a different horror/Halloween theme.

if you are looking for a place to grab pics with a Halloween theme this is definitely a sim worth visiting , you have the fog and rain effects outside the mansion , as well as various creepy characters around.

Also sound effects around the place , from squeaky doors to the squelching of spiders underfoot , a favourite of the owner is his clock with the 4 apocalypse moving around it.

Nearly forgot there is a ghost train ride where you can rezz a car and go around.

Also they are doing the pumpkin hunt , added a pic with details on.

hope my pictures give you some idea of what to expect.


Ever get that feeling someone watching.jpg


pumpkin rain.jpg


clowns again.jpg




creepy dolls.jpg


dinner time.jpg





food for thought.jpg


haunted lady.jpg




i am not the murderer.jpg


it was her not me.jpg




manor entrance.jpg












when the clock strikes.jpg


who goes there.jpg


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