Cape San Blas Beach


Cape San Blas Beach caters to ocean lovers, surfers, and anyone looking for a quiet, peaceful place to relax. Come for a visit! Surf, lighthouse, fishing, yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, picnic, couples, romantic, boardwalk, Maoli Tahiti,

ok so I thought would check out a beach sim as I have not been to one for a while and well I know this weekend I am doing Halloween again with a dear friend and a bottle of rum ..don’t forget mc xx

I myself was to lazy to adorn a bikini , hell I not even sure any of mine fit now since I have got a mesh body , but I sneaked in a pic of a surfer dude whom was on the sim.

Place to hang out also you can rent properties here.


beach sunset.jpg



beach hangout.jpg



blue seas.jpg



deep in thought.jpg








mountain house.jpg



pelican beach.jpg



pretty tree.jpg



room with a view.jpg



surfer dude.jpg



surfers hangout.jpg






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