Experience the natural beauty of Netherwood.Inspired by the picturesque English Lake District,explore the romantic photogenic countryside & lake with firends or loved ones england,boating,boats, hangout,popular, nature photography,photos,romance,wildlife

Not often you come across a sim which is so well built , with attention to detail that it is a dream to take snaps in , this is one of those sims.

Not sure why I have not discovered it earlier , espically as it is made in the image of the lake district a place in rl that  I have visited often.

Totally enjoyed my time on this sim , kudos to the builders/creators.


along the old line.jpg



calm waters.jpg



cosy insides.jpg



down at the farm.jpg



goosey gander.jpg



grazing peacefully.jpg



mr and mrs.jpg



oil painting from the lakes.jpg



old house.jpg



old nag.jpg



on patrol.jpg






red sky at night.jpg



royal mail.jpg



stone arch.jpg



tucked away.jpg



wandering lost.jpg



uncertain destiny.jpg





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