Pandora Resort

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Revisited after I was lucky enough to be invited – follow the stream with clear waters lilies and reeds aplenty – along the stone paths that run around this sim.  Log cabins nestled away in forest areas (which you can rent) to the town square decorated with pink hearts and exquiste pink flowers for valentines.

Cable car ride to the snowy mountain tops.  I highly recommend you peek into the cottages around the town each one is furnished to a high standard , places to sit and pose to grab a pic.


Worth a visit to fall in love with this favourite sim all over again.

I will probably add more as my pc was playing up and the graphics were not on point.


Maitreya twist dress and Maitreya sneakers

moon hair – storm





cheese and wine.jpg



champagne fountain.jpg



clear mountain air.jpg



fine dining at the resort.jpg


happily ever after.jpg



its written in the stars.jpg



love blossoms at pandora.jpg



love has arrived at pandora.jpg



love seat.jpg



milk churns.jpg



mountain views.jpg




outside dining.jpg



outside tea for two.jpg



pandora resort club.jpg






precious little things.jpg



shop front.jpg



sleeping dogs and all that.jpg



snowy mountains.jpg



squirrel watching.jpg



stone cottage.jpg



church at pandora.jpg



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