Angel amid the Demons

Wearing –


Big thanks to the guys Draken and Lion for buying us girls the wings 🙂


A Saturday night hang around with mates on SL .  We all have them , days in SL when plans don’t go as you wished , but all ends well when you end hanging with some of the peeps you care about the most, most importantly they make you laugh!!!


Big hugs to Minx and Draken , Hi 5 to Lion and Em …cant wait for the next get togeather , lets hope next time I don’t need to do a viewer update so I can see!!!!!


Taken at





crazy as he seems!!.jpg



deep in the night darkness.jpg



demon lovers.jpg



em 2.jpg





lion still for once.jpg



my favorite demon.jpg



one angel one demon.jpg



she was wishful thinking although was not meant to be...jpg



this demons wit is sharp.jpg



visiting her demons.jpg






yep they were lazy.jpg



chilled out demon.jpg



angel amid demons.jpg


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