Gardens by the Bay

LEA 15 Inspired by Singapore’s Majestic Garden by the Bay, this amazing build, is a stunning array of eclectic art, superb botanical gardens and a magnificent display of the famous Super Trees. This must see build is only open for a limited time



[AR2 Style] – Hipster Tattoo

*EB* Dress – Harness

Tactical Boots – Vale Koer



ant attack...



away with the fairies.jpg



panda pop.jpg



walking into spring time.jpg



wild flowers.jpg



its springtime.jpg



yoga days.jpg



phoenix guardians.jpg



blooming spring.jpg



rose garden.jpg



boat to netherland.jpg



tea-cup house.jpg



tropical flower.jpg



flower dining.jpg




flower garden.jpg



into the storybook.jpg



tulip fields.jpg



hope springs eternal.jpg



solo reading.jpg



rose petal tea.jpg



flowerpot peeps.jpg


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