Serenity Woods Academy Toute Switzerland


High School Academy College Discipline Spank Teacher Student Cheerleader School Girl Boy Maid Facuilty Staff Ballet.Gym En Garde Greedy Nurse Doctor Roleplay Uniform B.D.S.M. Immersive Adult only.  18+


Uniform of the RP School – You obtain via Role play


This is an Adult RP sim .  Swiss finishing school where the students male and female rule , and the teachers / staff really have their work cut out trying to keep order within the school.

All students are overseen by the Principal Mr Swat (avoid at all costs lol) and Miss Diana Rigging (do not mistake name for Frigging) :p

It has a members club , event nights ..if you like RP of this theme worth a check.

S.W.A.T.S Academy

hanging in girls dorms.jpg



hanging in the school grounds.jpg


Da Minx.jpg




Breakfast not Class !!1.jpg


Avoiding the Head!!!


school entrance.jpg


Vice Miss Rigging.jpg

Vice Principal Miss Diana Rigging

The Head.jpg

Principal Mr Swat

Main entrance way.jpg


club 1


Club 3.jpg


Boys Dorm.jpg


Girls Dorm.jpg


club 2.jpg

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